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About Square Wave

Software Development

Our software developments are mainly aimed at the Microsoft Windows environment using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ C# and assembler. We have produced multithreaded applications for video capture, storage and remote display. Enhancements to Microsoft Exchange. Ultrasound image capture and processing for both medical and industrial applications. We have also done a small amount of work with Linux.

Square Wave's software services also cover maintenance support and software enhancements for Casegen Technologies using Borland C++ Builder, Longport Inc. (Visual Studio C++) and Hybrid Innovations.

We also write embedded software for:-
Analog Devices Shark and Blackfin processors using VisualDSP++ with the High performance emulator
Texas Instruments C6000 High performance DSPs using Code Composer Studio and Blackhawk LAN emulator
Microchip PIC processors
Hitachi H8 and 6300

If you are interested in software development please email us for further details.