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DAC - The DAX5 configured as a Digital to Analogue Converter

The DAX5 can be configured as either a Digital to Analogue converter or an Analogue to Digital converter.

The DAX5 is designed around Analog Devices ADAV801 codec. This device consists of; an analogue to digital converter, a digital to analogue converter, a sample rate converter, digital interface transmitter, digital interface receiver, auxiliary digital inputs, auxiliary digital outputs, routing unit, clock driver. The device can therefore be configured in a number of ways. The auxiliary digital inputs and output allow connection to external ADC, DAC, or DSPs. The DAX5 has been designed to accept plug-in upgrades to improve performance or add extra functionality. DAX5-DAC DAX5-DSP DAX5-DCO DAX5-ADC

The DAX5 requires two internal links to be set to configure it as either a DAC or ADC. The control on the front panel is also used for configuration. The normal use of the front panel control is for setting the digital volume and selecting the input when the unit is used in conjunction with the DAX6 multiplexer.

The DAX5 can also be supplied as a basic D to A for audiophile use as an upgrade to the ADC in CDs or PC sound cards. In this configuration we recommend that the AD1955 high performance plug in is used. This unit was originally designed for one of our customers after he had heard our early DAX2 that used the AD1853 ADC. He is so impressed with it that he continues to use it after upgrading his Cyrus system to their latest CD player.

If you are interested in this product please email us for further details.