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About Square Wave

4 to 32 channel 200MHz ADC boards with fixed point DSPs

Designed to be stacked together these boards are our latest creation, designed for linear array and phased array ultrasound. These can produce 120 frames a second (512x512) of dynamically focused beamformed images in a standard PC.

Each PCI card has a TI TMS320C6455 DSP. The DSP card can have 2 ADC boards. Each ADC board has 4 200MHz ADCs. The 64bit data bus from the DSP is switched between four parallel busses that can have 1 or 2 ADCs boards. When 8 ADC boards and 4 DSP boards are staked together, the four busses are common to all the processors. This way data can be transferred from 16 ADCs concurrently giving a burst data transfer rate of 3.2Gbytes/per second. The maximum burst data capture rate of the ADCs is 6.4Giga samples per second (12.8GBytes/s).

If you are interested in this product please email us for further details.