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About Square Wave

There are currently 5 upgrade modules available for the DAX5


This is a small plug-in module that enhances the performance of the output DAC by replacing the internal DAC of the ADAV801 with the top of the range AD1955. The AD1955 has a dynamic range of 120dB compared with the ADAV801 that has 101dB. Noise and distortion is also improved from -90dB to -110dB The AD1955 can be configured to run at 96K output for any digital input signal by using the on board sample rate converter. In listening tests this seems to improve the sound stage of stereo audio.


Another small plug-in module that uses a Cirrus Logic CS5381 to improve the performance of the analogue to digital converter. The internal converter of the ADAV801 has a dynamic range of 102dB and THD+N of -87dB. The CS5381 improves on this with a dynamic range of 120dB and THD+N of -105dB.


This module contains an Analog Devices SigmaDSP AD1940


Ideal as a digital phono preamp. The signal from the turntable is directly connected into the input of CS5381 ADC and digitised. The digital signal is then processed by the AD1940 SigmaDSP to apply the RIAA equalisation.


Combines the AD1940 and AD1955 in one unit to create a high quality active crossover. The active crossover has three analogue outputs and can be configured in a number of ways from a stereo high pass filter plus sub to a single mono three band filter.