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About Square Wave

Hardware Design

Square Wave Technology's main hardware expertise are in PCI, PCI Express, RF and embedded processors.

We have developed numerous designs around PLX and Pericom PCI bridge devices. We have successfully combined high gain RF analogue circuits into predominantly high speed digital circuit boards.

Square Wave's Hardware designs are implemented using the OrCad Unison software suite. With FPGA and CPLD support from Lattice, Altera and Xlinix.

Embedded processors developments have included TI C6000, AD Blackfin and Sharc, Microchip PICs, Hitachi H8 and 6300.

We have a large range of manufacturer's evaluation boards that allow us to prototype software and benchmark processors for suitability to specific applications. This improves time to market and reduces development risk when producing bespoke embedded hardware.

We also have JTAG emulators for TI and Analog Devices processors and programming tools for the FPGA CPLDs and other processors.

If you are interested having some hardware developed please email us for further details.